How You Can Cherry Pick Setups From Quick ‘Price Action Flips’


Knowing how and when to pick the best trade setups obviously goes a very long way to becoming a high probability and profitable trader.

However; there is something that a lot of traders often leave out and something that a lot of traders just don’t even think about in their trading.

I grew up around Orchard and fruit farms where the farmers grow all of the fruit for the rest of the country and a very large proportion of it for the rest of the world. Apple trees, Nectarines, Peaches, Plums, Pears, Lemons in the back garden etc.

As a kid I was able to drive with my family and go and grab a big juicy peach right from the tree. If I preferred the peach that was beside it or even on the next tree two tress to the left that looked a little bit better, a little bit rounder or a bit bigger and more importantly right in front of me, AND I did not have to go anywhere or struggle to go up high to get it I would take that one.

That’s what “cherry picking’ your trades is all about.

Instead of forcing just 2 or 3 pairs, and standing at the same fruit tree trying to force out rotten fruit after the birds have already eaten all the good fruit from it, we want to instead have the choice of the whole orchard and wander through picking our trades plucking the easiest trades and the lowest hanging fruit.

Watching a large range of pairs or markets that you feel most suited and comfortable with, and then ‘cherry picking’ the best setups when they form within those markets is the topic of today’s video lesson as well as how to hunt high probability price action triggers using price flips and using the engulfing bar in your overall story.

I go into this, the pairs and exact markets I trade at; The Forex Pairs and Markets That Johnathon Fox Trades


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  1. Hi Jonathon,
    The BUEB that is 3 candles before the BEEB could have cause many trader to go long, since the next candle after the BUEB actually went higher shortly after opening. ls there some PA that stopped you from going long?
    Thank you and best regards.

    • Hi SK,

      if you have a look at the 4 or 5 x candles that are acting as resistance just previous to this BUEB, and then before that price had flipped and acted as support (we are going backwards through the chart here) and the candle lows had acted as support at the same area creating a price flip and taking this BUEB would be trading directly straight into this price flip where we have seen price just make repeated flips out of and obvious order flow moves away from.

      It was then going to be a pretty strong area to look for short trades on intraday levels, not look to trade long into it with a BUEB.

      Safe trading,


  2. Hi Johnathon,
    Thank you for sharing your thought process on choosing the BEEB instead of the BUEB.
    Have a good day!

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