Forex Price Action Videos

Forex Price Action Videos was last modified: August 23rd, 2014 by Johnathon Fox

False Break Pin Bar Setup on Daily Chart


One of the most powerful trading signals that price action traders can trade with is the false break pin bar reversal. When traded correctly and from the correct areas in the market, the false break pin bar can be a very high probability trading setup especially when traded on the higher time frames such as the 4hr, 8hr and daily charts. This latest video discusses a … [Read more...]

The Secrets Traders Can Learn From Candlesticks & Price Action


In this video Johnathon discusses the secrets that traders can learn from candlesticks and price action. Price action is always giving away clues to well educated traders as to where it wants to go next and it is these clues that traders can use to profit from. Johnathon goes through the clues that price action gives off and how traders can take advantage by making high … [Read more...]

Increase Your Win Rate by Forex Trend Trading | Forex Tutorial


The biggest edge a trader can have in their favour to increase their chance of making a winning trade is trading with the trend. In this video Johnathon goes over some key techniques and strategies that traders can use to put the odds in their favour when trading the markets. This tutorial goes through not only how to identify trends and trend changes, but also other … [Read more...]

Forex Price Action Setups Commentary


Watch this video to see what Johnathon is looking for in this week's trading. The keys levels and trends that Johnathon is looking to trade with are covered, as well as a tutorial on how to  spot retracements that offer trades from value areas. Do not miss this video to get a heads up on where to be looking this week!     … [Read more...]

Price Action Day Trade on GBPUSD


In this video Johnathon makes a Price Action day trade on the GBPUSD daily chart. This trade was played against the trend and  Johnathon discusses first how to identify the trend and then what to look for when trading against it. This videos is recommended for any trader wanting to know how to trade from key levels and against a trending market. This setup was posted live … [Read more...]

Trend Trading Forex Price Action


The following video is of a live trade Johnathon covers on the 4hr chart of the USDJPY. This setup was a Pin Bar with the trend that occurred at a logical pullback. A very good trade that beginners should start looking for. This setup was posted live for the members in the Members Only Forum as it occurred.   … [Read more...]

Pin Bar Trading From Key Areas


This video covers a live trade that was played by Johnathon on the USDCAD daily chart. The Price Action trade was a clear and obvious Pin Bar reversal. The Pin Bar formed at logical resistance and was also rejecting the very big round number of 1.000. This trade setup was covered in depth the Members Only Forum.   … [Read more...]

Reading The Price Action Story


In this video Johnathon discusses how you can take any chart and learn to read raw price. Price Action is an art form that most people over complicate with indicators and other junk. All that is needed is a plain chart and some knowledge of how price repeats itself over and over.     … [Read more...]

Forex Price Action – Live Engulfing Bar trade on EURUSD


This Price Action educational video shows Johnathon placing a live engulfing bar trade using only raw price data and support and resistance levels. The second part of the video is a recap of how this trade played out and how profit was taken to best maximise the return whilst keeping the risk to a minimum! … [Read more...]

Forex Price Action – Live Trading the 4hr Charts


In this educational Forex Price Action video Johnathon shows a live trade placed on the EURAUD. The Price Action signal in this video was a Bearish Engulfing Bar that formed at a key area within the trend.     … [Read more...]