How to Use Forex Tester 3 Back Testing Guide


Welcome to the Forex School Online – Forex Tester 3 How to Back Test Guide.

Back testing can be a super powerful tool, especially for price action traders. Back Testing when done correctly, can help traders quickly build confidence in their method by being able to trade far more setups back to back than what they would be able to if they were watching the market in live time. This allows the trader to not only perfect their trading, but also gives them a place to practice when the market is quiet and not producing trades, so rather than forcing trades they shouldn’t be in like so many traders do and costing their account, traders can take these moments and become even better traders with back testing.

At any stage throughout the Forex Tester 2 Guide you can jump either forward or back to the section you need to catch up on by using the links at the bottom of each page under the guide outline. Please make sure you have read the guide fully before jumping into starting your tests because there are a lot of extra tips and tricks that will help you. Forex Tester is not as straight forward as MT4. Unlike MT4, with the Forex Tester you are going to have to prepare your data for testing and also learn about the different modes that the system works in to store and import data.

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Part 1: Installation

Part 2: Working Modes

Part 3: Data Center

Part 4: Importing Center

Part 5: Generating Ticks

Part 6: Start Testing

Part 7: Placing Orders

Part 8: Modifying Orders

Part 9: Using Graphic Tools

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