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Hello Traders,

You have now completed the Free – Forex School Online Beginners Forex Course! Now that you have learnt the required basic knowledge that every Forex trader needs, I want to let you know a little bit more about what we do here at Forex School Online and in particular how we can help you to become a better trader.


Johnathon Fox – Head Trading Coach

I have been trading the markets including Forex, commodities and stocks for over 8 years now. Like most people I began my journey going through a ton of forums looking for the Holy Grail that would help me in my trading. I read every book I could find and searched and searched and searched for anything that could help.

I tried many different indicators and systems. Nothing ever seemed to work. Some trading strategies would work for a while and then eventually I would be back at square one. It was frustrating to say the least.

Eventually I found price action trading and from there the rest as they say is history. The moment my trading changed was when I learnt that Forex is a business, and not a get rich quick scheme and that to succeed the right education is needed. The more I trade and help people, the more I learn the only people that succeed in the long term are the people that commit and are keep it uncomplicated.

During my journey I come across so much rubbish on the internet. It has become so hard for traders to get the right education and not scammed with junk. After achieving a high level of success in my own trading I set about changing this and teaching others how they can improve their trading. The major reason I started Forex School Online was to help traders get away from indicators that don’t work,  and learn to trade price action which they can use for the rest of their trading lives.

The strategies I teach my members are based on the methods and systems I use to trade the markets with myself. I have now dedicated myself to helping the next generation of traders learn how to trade price action correctly through courses and online education that is easy to understand and implement in their own trading.


My Trading Strategies

The strategy I use to trade the markets with is Price Action Trading. I have mastered the art of learning to read what a raw price chart is telling me and where it wants to move. Reading a price chart is like reading music. Once you know how it becomes easy. Price is constantly giving us hints of what it is doing, and where it wants to go next. Once you learn to read this information, placing powerful trades becomes easy.

To enter trades in the markets I use low risk yet high reward price action trading signals. These signals are not complicated indicator based signals, but logical and obvious setups that form at key levels in the market.

The key to my trading is keeping things simple and making A+ High probability trades every single time. Whilst others are overtrading and jumping at any shadows, my method is about selecting only the very best setups and taking all the profit I can from them. Trading this way allows me to trade less and make more with as little as stress as possible.

I am a firm believer in not sitting at a computer screen watching charts and looking for trades all day long for hours on end. I just do not believe the markets are there for that or either am I. Traders who do this tend to make bad decision and over trade. They over trade to justify their time sitting in front of the computer.  The strategies I use take no more than 1hr per day absolute tops.. The rest of my time is for other things that I am interested in, including helping other traders learn the successful trading strategies I use. I came to Forex to make money and have more time to do things that interest me, such as spending time with my family and young son. This is why the strategies I use are geared to giving me the lifestyle I choose.


Trading School For Serious Traders

When you sign up to Forex School Online membership I will teach you the same strategies I use to trade the markets with. I have built the members are into an area that uses a variety of different methods to teach you everything you need to know to become a successful trader.

I will teach you how to identify and enter high probability Forex price action trades and how to manage those trades for the maximum profit. You will not be given some list of indicators that never work, but instead a method that you can use to trade the markets with for many years to come. Markets are continually changing and adapting and with the education you are given at Forex School Online you will be able to adapt with these market changes.

After completing our courses you will know exactly what you need to do to make high probability trades. You will be able to read any raw price chart and spot key price action signals.

One thing that traders need when learning to trade is a mentor that is present to help them in their journey. This is where I pride myself. After joining Forex School Online you are not left to your own devices. Joining Forex School Online means you are joining a community of like minded traders trading with the same strategies.

As your trading mentor I am always there to help you in your journey. I understand that when learning to trade successfully there are many questions that come up. I wish that when I was learning to trade I had someone who had done what I wanted to do to help me with my questions. This would have saved me a lot of time and money. I made so many mistakes that a mentor would have prevented.

When you sign up to Forex School Online you are granted unlimited email support with myself. This email support is 7 days a week, 365 days of the year. The other avenue to have your questions answered is the member’s only forum. The forum covers every topic imaginable from help with setting up your charts to the latest live price action setups. The forum is the place where I do a lot of my tutoring and posting of setups to help and educate members.


All the Success!

You have now come to the end of the Forex School Online free online beginners Forex course. I hope this has taught you some key elements so that you can make your next step on your way to a long and successful trading career. If you are a serious trader and want to become a more confident and successful trader, check out the the Lifetime Membership area here: Become a Lifetime Member with Johnathon Fox. Memberships are for a lifetime, and include a 3 part trading course, live price action setups forum, member’s only articles & videos, members live market setups summary and unlimited email support with Johnathon Fox to help you in your journey.

Safe trading,

Johnathon Fox





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