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Hi, I am Johnathon Fox.

When I first started my journey in the markets, I started as most people do. I tried as many systems, indicators, and methods as I could find, gathered and read all the books available, and spent time crawling forums for that one method that would bring my riches. I blew a lot of money, time, and live trading accounts.

When I started, there were no online courses to show me or teach me about money management, strategies, or that I should not be constantly be over-trading and chasing my losses. I did not even understand what those terms meant. You don't have to make these same mistakes, as I have already learned them for you.

After much time and frustration, I finally worked out that the traders' brain & mind is the most powerful asset that they have. I also learned how much it is our biggest weakness if we don't use it properly!

Black box systems and lagging indicators or "Holy Grails" simply do not work! I worked out that there is no Holy Grail. The secret for me was working out that there actually is no secret, and the way to making money in the Forex market consistently is with a smart and proven logical strategy that any trader can learn if they choose to by learning the steps to high probability trading and trading with the edge in their favor over the market.

So, What is the Big Secret?

You Are Going to Learn to Trade Like a Professional

Do you really think the big guys including the Banks, Trading Firms, and professional traders are stuck to their computer screens all day trading with indicators? Of course not! The big guys like banks and large trading firms understand that price is the key to all movements in the Forex markets and being able to read “Raw Price” will give them the edge they need to profit in the markets.

That’s exactly the same as we here at Forex School Online. The trading method you are going to be taught step-by-step inside your lifetime membership is based on pure price action and you will be taught how to find high probability, yet low risk price action trades that can be repeated time and time again in many markets & time frames.

Over the years, I have mastered the art of learning what the markets are saying and the low risk/high probability Price Action setups that traders can use to profit from the markets. This site was designed to help traders exactly like yourself learn these exact same strategies to become successful.

When you become a lifetime member, you get access to all the exact same techniques and strategies I use in my own trading that have made me so successful. You are going to gain a concrete understanding of how to trade raw price action with many different strategies including strategies that are not discussed on the public site.

Just to say a quick thanks, Johnathon.

I have been trading for years, but never getting anywhere. Always trading with small amounts, but now thanks to you, since I have joined and taken your course, I have steadily gone from £500 pounds ($750 USD) in my trading account to over £5000 ($7,750 USD).

It's only been a few months, but I’m trading sensibly; only risking 1-2%. Anyway, just sending you a quick email to say thank you!

Jonathan David

(West Wales, UK)

As a lifetime member, you are going to learn step-by-step how to trade the whole price action story and put the whole chart together to make high probability trades.

The price action courses, videos, and articles are going to take you through the basics, such as how to mark out your major support and resistance levels, right through to the more in-depth topics, such as trading different markets, ranges, and how to make bigger risk reward trades in trends.

What You Are Going to Learn

Would You Like to be Able to Make High Probability A+ Trades Time and Time Again?

Do You Want to Learn How to Manage Your Trades With Price Action?

In the advanced course and members only videos, you are going to learn how to take advanced entry signals that we do not discuss in public, such as breakouts, touch trades, fake-outs, and continuations. These are all setups that can give you a larger variety in your arsenal and mean you can make more trades.

You are also going to learn how I set up both my bank and trading accounts, so that you can see how a professional trader sets up their trading. This way, you can start thinking about how you want to get your trading set up to start moving away from the amateur side of thinking. This will also help you make use of every penny you trade with.

One of the most important factors of the membership is the members only articles and; in particular, you are going to be shown exactly how to formulate your own trading plan including what your rules should be and what exactly a price action traders plan needs to have in it.

How Would You Like to be Shown Advanced Price Action Strategies?

How you manage your money and how you manage your trades will often decide whether you are a long-term profitable trader or a long-term loser.

This is why we spend so much time on our education, focusing on this subject in the members area, and also why we do extra things like run members training exercises, helping members practice their trade management skills in the forum.

When you become a member, you are going to learn how to use advanced Money management techniques to look after your trading money, and also, when and how to manage your trades in the different market types to either look for bigger risk reward or protect your capital, depending on the price action and the education that you will be taught. You will also learn exactly how I personally deal with my own trading accounts.

The members only videos both compliment the courses and teach new topics that are more easily taught on a chart and camera. There are over 25  crucial members only trading videos and counting as Johnathon regularly makes new content and is teaching members with new lessons.

This is a super important members benefit for you and it is a benefit that most courses would not offer without a lot more money. Becoming a member means you get direct access and full support to Johnathon via email anytime you need with absolutely anything you need.

This is a HUGE part of your membership and where you are going to gain a lot of your benefits. This is where a lot of members post their live setups and post questions about anything they need help with. The forum has four senior traders. Johnathon, and another coach is in there most days to help you with anything you need.

Members Only Videos

“Live” Price Action Setups Forum

Email Support with Pro Trader Johnathon Fox

 What You Get in Your Lifetime Membership

Members Only Articles

The members only articles are extra tutorials and lessons for members and are a great way for the coaches to make quick lessons or updates on a new topic for members.

2 x Professional Price Action Courses

2 x  Per Week Members Market Summary

2 x Price Action Courses that cover everything you need to know to trade price action. The first course is 28,000 words long and is the course to set you up with the foundation. The advanced course covers advanced strategies, such as breakout trading and advanced trade management.

The members only market summary is posted up twice a week, once on Sunday by Johnathon, and then again on Wednesday by the other coach, Bryce. The market summary is a summary of the market, generally 5 FX pairs of the major levels, trends, and key price action areas you need to be watching and keeping an eye on in the following sessions.

Trading psychology is so much more important than so many traders realize. If you cannot stay strong in the market or pull the trigger when you need to, then it does not matter how good your system is and that is why you need to go through this course.

Member Lessons, Tutorials and Future Updates

Forex Trading Psychology Course

The Forex School Online members area is often being updated with new members benefits, new education, new updates, new software, etc. All of this is always included for you and any future updates are included in the one price you pay.

Advanced trading opens up a whole new world of trading. With reversal trading, you can only trade reversals, but with advanced trading, you can all of a sudden trade breakouts, smaller time frames, and continuations.

The other thing about advanced trading is that once you start becoming good at it, you start becoming even better at all the rest of your trading, and so all of your trading picks up.

So often, traders make the mistake of blowing their trading money in their live trading account, rather than getting the correct education they need first on how to enter high probability A+ setups and putting the edge in their favor over the market. Before the trader knows it, they have lost a couple of trades and the same money they could have used to get educated and started making real lasting changes in their trading is blown down the drain and they have absolutely nothing to show for it.

Fast Track Your Success

Use Lifetime Membership as a Short-Cut

Forum and Market Summary

Our forum is thriving with like-minded traders in it everyday. This is a huge members benefit that not only is a great forum, but also, a massive learning tool to help you fast track your learning curve.

You can post and get feedback on your own live trade setups, get help with literally any trading questions you need no matter how big or small, and also, learn from the live trade setups of other members and traders in the forum.

Learn ADVANCED Trading Setups

The story I just spoke about above is a super common one. People often think that they will trade a live account, and then teach themselves that way. Or another common one is that they think they will just "Google" all of their education. The thing is, by the time they have spent six months trying to go through all the rubbish on google to find what is decent, they could have just bought a good course and got educated. 

Joey Mandal


What Members Are Saying...

Hey. First of all, I must say that I have really enjoyed your course and that it has given me the confidence that I needed to start trading professionally.

I have taken other Price action courses before, but the simplicity of your methods AND your psychology has taken my trading to another level.

Your emphasis on only trading A+ setups, entries on the break with momentum, and just using R/S levels were the missing pieces of the puzzle for me.

Upon becoming a member, I found that everything that I did not understand about trading price action was completely cleared up through both courses and the members forum.

The members forum was definitely the most helpful tool in my journey as a price action trader; being able to share ideas and learn from my mistakes.

I would definitely recommend the FSO Course/Lifetime Membership to anyone who is looking to trade because the principles taught in the course not only are effective, but they are simple and easy to understand and don't just apply to trading, but in life as well.

Andrew Daley

Cayman Islands

Johnathon, I'm working through your first course. All I can say is, "WOW". What a tremendous resource you have created.

I have a lot to learn and I am very happy I found your materials. It is Sunday night here in the States and I'm spending my time with your priceless information.

It's exciting to be learning. It's fantastic to be learning from a great teacher.

Dr. Rock (Donald Schnell)


This is for you if...

This isn't for you if...

Hey Johnathon and Forex School Online!

Today is my one year anniversary since joining Forex School Online!

Looking back, my trading has progressed tremendously. I am making consistent profits on the daily charts with the basic setups and my goal for the up coming year is to master the advanced setups on the dailies and to become consistent on the 4 hours charts with the basic setups.

I am so thankful that I found Forex School Online and have never been more convinced that this is the real deal.

Thank you Johnathon and Senior Members for all the support you give. I look forward to seeing this community thrive in the next year and hope that we all continue to learn and become better traders as we navigate this journey toward consistent profitability.


United States


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