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How to Make, Manage and Take Profit From Trades in the Markets

Why do so many professional traders, bank traders, prop traders, and the big famous traders use price action and technical trading for their trading strategies?

These methods have worked now successfully for 200+ years and will continue to work for many years to come because of the basic premise; if you can learn to read price action, then you are reading what other traders and huge market players are doing in live time direct from the charts. 

All the major banks in the world use technical analysis (price action), all the major Forex brokers use technical analysis and the smallest to the biggest of traders in the Forex markets are using technical (price action).

The key difference is how well they use it, understand it, the entries, stops, trade management, rules and trade plans they use, and how well they put it altogether.

Being able to read the price action story and put the levels, price flips, trends, different candles, momentum, traffic / space and other factors into play to come up with high probability trades and multiple profit targets allows a trader the freedom to trade many markets and time frames. 

Whilst many traders start with indicators and trying to predict the market with news or economics, they eventually find themselves trading price action because they can take control and make trades that are high probability and can be repeated time and again. 

What is This Course?

The Forex School Online students only advanced price action course is the in-depth advanced training on assessing, making and managing high probability price action trades.

This is the course that teaches you in the exact order what you need to know to start trading price action in the markets.

In this course and students area you will learn;

  • What Meta/Fast trading is and How it Can Speed up Learning Time
  • How to Best Mark Support, Resistance, Price Flips & Big Round Numbers For Your Trades
  • How to Make A+ Trades Using Trigger Signals 'Using' the Price Action Story
  • How to Setup Your Stop Loss, Profit Targets and Manage Your Trades - Including When and How to Shorten Stops For Better Reward
  • How to Identify Markets and Trade in Trends, Ranges and Against the Trend
  • What Markets to Trade - and Avoid
  • What Exactly the False Break is, and the Markets to Use it in For the Best Effect
  • What Tools You Need as a Trader
  • How to Setup a Trade Plan, Rule Set and Journal
  • How to Create a Far Better Trading Mindset
  • How to Take Profits, Use Breakeven Correctly and Manage Trades Using Rules and a Plan
  • How to Best Manage Your Trading Money With Different Strategies and Market Types

What You Will Learn

How to Setup the Trade

Learn how to assess the market order flow, key support/resistance levels and how to use with the whole price action story.

How to Find A+ Entries

Learn how to use price action to make A+ high probability market entries.

How to Take Profit and Manage Trades

Learn How to manage yours trades to maximize profits and minimize risk.

How to Manage Risk and Trading Capital

Learn the money management techniques to protect your trading capital and let your winners run longer.

What You Get

The Forex School Online students only area includes all 3 x courses, students forum, extra student lessons and bonuses.

For the first 5 x weeks I will be sending you emails and taking you through each module and stepping you through what you need to do next. You will have me there to ask questions and go through anything you need to as you go through the course. You also have access to all the members area benefits 24/7 so you can learn as fast or slow as you like.

The 3 x courses are each broken down into small size chunks that are exact step-by-step course sections and modules that walk you through in the correct order (this also means you can come back at anytime or search for a topic you need help with). 

There is a lot to go through and included are lessons, videos, chart examples and also text. 

There are also 30+ videos inside the courses, other lessons, cheat sheets and 'extra' guides to help your trading and all of these you can use 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

Everything Included in Members Area


COURSE #1: Price Action Trading Strategies

This is your step-by-step high probability price action trading method for trading the markets. 

This is the course that will help you create your trading rules and plan, and it covers everything you need to know to start trading price action in the markets from making trades to managing them.


COURSE #2: Advanced - Price Action Trading Strategies

In this course you will learn advanced trading strategies. You will find everything from high probability trigger entries that are higher reward and for more advanced students, through to how to use more advanced stops and money management for different market types..


COURSE #3: Trading Psychology, Mindset and Trading Edge

In this course you will be taught the mindset and specific reason why the traders who think with an edge do so well in the markets.

In this course, you will be shown “what the perfect mindset” is for you and your trading.


Course and Module Tests

These are real courses and modules. You get quizzed as you move through the course modules to help you cement the knowledge you are learning. This also helps you realize topics you may need more help on. 


Weekly Live Price Action Trading Summaries

Each week a live price action summary is posted to help you put into place the strategies you are learning and see how they are done in real time. The live students price action summaries are made up of 5 x Forex pairs and discuss the exact same strategies and charts you are using.


Students Only Trading Forum

This is the place for you to post questions, comments or have discussions on everything from your latest trade setup to what you need help with or even just having a chat with other traders. This is your tribe of community traders using the exact same strategies as you.


BONUS #1: Breakeven Trade Management EA (most popular)

This is our most popular EA we have developed and worked on helping traders move trades to breakeven or into profit automatically whilst not at the computer.


BONUS #2: PDF Step-by-Step Trading Plan

A step-by-step PDF trading plan showing you how to setup your own rules and concrete trading rules using the strategies you have learned.

What others are saying are saying ...

Hey, first of all, I must say that I have really enjoyed your course and that it has given me the confidence that I needed to start trading professionally.

I have taken other Price action courses before, but the simplicity of your methods AND your psychology has taken my trading to another level.

Andrew Daley  //  Cayman Islands

Johnathon, I'm working through your first course. All I can say is, "WOW". What a tremendous resource you have created.

I have a lot to learn and I am very happy I found your materials. It is Sunday night here in the States and I'm spending my time with your priceless information.

It's exciting to be learning. It's fantastic to be learning from a great teacher.

Dr. Rock (Donald Schnell)  // US   

Frequently Asked Questions

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I have tried and traded with a lot of other strategies. I am worried I will have bad habits.

How long does the course take?

I am a beginner trader, should I take the course?

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NOTE: Get the Advanced Course FREE!

To get 100% full lifetime access to the advanced course and ALL members benefits FREE all you have to do is follow these steps;

#1: Register a new account with our preferred broker with the link HERE.

#2: Make a minimum deposit of $100.

#3: Send us a screenshot or receipt of your deposit to email [email protected] to get access right away!

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