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As traders our trading depends on the the tools and resources we use. They make our trading  lives better, they make us better traders and if we use the best tools and in the best ways, they can make us faster, more efficient and more capable to find high probability better trades.

Every tool or resource I recommend on this site I have either tested myself, used in my own trading, read it or listened to it. You can find below the major tools or resources I am currently using in my own trading. Any questions on any of these, then just send me an email.

As a loyal Forex School Online follower you can download a FREE demo tester  and test out your trading. This tester literally allows your to make a years worth of trades in a few hours which you really cannot do any other way!

I have a step-by-step walk through for you that you can read and as well as downloading and testing for free, going through Forex School Online  you get a 25% discount on the new FT3!



One of your biggest costs as a trader is your broking such as; spreads & commissions. Not only that but, if you are constantly keeping an eye on what you brokers is charging you, it means you can't concentrate where you should be.

You need to have absolute trust in your broker. You can get a FREE demo with the correct New York close 5 Day Week charts.

Trading in the Zone

Mark Douglas

Their are a lot of other tools and resources we use such as position size calculators, breakeven indicators and indicator to create extra time frames for our charting platforms, however the ONE book I recommend to every single trader time and again is this one.

It does not discuss strategy at all. It discusses how to think and how to create a mindset that will change from how you think now to thinking in market probabilities.

If you have not read this book, then make sure you take the time out and read it.

Tools and Resources to Help Traders

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