Pin Bar Trading From Key Areas


This video covers a live trade that was played by Johnathon on the USDCAD daily chart. The Price Action trade was a clear and obvious Pin Bar reversal. The Pin Bar formed at logical resistance and was also rejecting the very big round number of 1.000. This trade setup was covered in depth the Members Only Forum.


Pin Bar Trading From Key Areas was last modified: August 13th, 2013 by Johnathon Fox
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  1. haris says:

    hey john, if pin bar I change with a doji does this work?

    thank you..
    sory my english is bad

  2. brian says:

    Does a pin bar have to close in the direction that it is signalling?
    for example, if it is a bearish pin bar, does the candle have to close down (red for example) or can it close up (blue) as long as the other properties of the candle are met?
    Hope that makes sense.

    • Hi Brian,

      no. As long as it meets all the basic critirea of a pin bar i,e open & close within previous candle, sticking out and away etc, etc, then it does not matter where the close it.


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  4. Kevin Glancy says:

    Do you have a video trading the pin bar on a 1hr time frame rather than day frame as I prefer the 1hr.

    • Hi Kevin,

      we discussed this via email, but you can use price action to trade the time frames you need as price action is price action; however – keep in mind; profits are the goal.

      Safe trading,

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