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Down Trend Engulfing Bar

The EURAUD has formed a Bearish Engulfing Bar (BEEB) on the daily price action chart. This Bearish Engulfing bar is down at the low and in-line with the strong down-trend that has been in play in recent months. Whilst this engulfing bar is not up at a swing high like a strong reversal signal, it still could be hinting at a possible continuation lower into the next near term … [Read More...]

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False break price action setup

False Break Pin Bar Setup on EURGBP 8hr Chart | 25 July 2014

The EURGBP has fired off a False Break Pin Bar setup on the 8hr price action chart. This pin bar is making a false break of the recent resistance level with the nose … [Read More...]

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False Break Pin Bar Setup on Daily Chart…

One of the most powerful trading signals that price action traders can trade with is the false break pin bar reversal. When traded correctly and from the correct … [Read More...]

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MT4 Time Change EA Indicator

Change MT4 Time Frame EA Indicator

Metatrader 4 (MT4) charts are the industry standard charting platform used widely with most Forex brokers. MT4 offers a fantastic platform that is both easy to use and quick to pick up and learn, but whilst there are many time frames in-built to the standard … [Read More...]

False Break Price Action

Brent Oil Makes Huge False Break Price Action Trigger | 16th Jul 2014

The price on the daily price action chart of Brent Oil has formed a huge false break price action pin bar. This pin bar has formed against a very solid recent move lower that has shown a very strong momentum in the recent few weeks. Since forming a bearish … [Read More...]

Pin Bar

USDZAR Falls Lower After Pin Bar in Ranging Market | 10th July 14

The USDZAR has now fallen lower on the back of a price action pin bar after making one last test of the recent resistance. This daily chart pin bar reversal was rejecting a key daily resistance level and was sticking well up at the high like the best pin bars. … [Read More...]