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USDSGD Daily Price Action Chart

Price has smashed lower and through a key support level on the USDSGD after a large Bearish Engulfing Bar (BEEB) formed on the daily price action chart. After this bearish engulfing bar was confirmed with price breaking the low, price broke lower and made a fast and aggressive move lower that saw the recent strong bearish momentum continue. Now that price has busted through … [Read More...]

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Gold Daily chart

Gold Moving Lower After Double Engulfing Bar – Where to Hunt Trades | 23rd April 2014

Gold has now moved lower after forming double bearish engulfing bars (BEEB's) on the weekly price action chart. The first engulfing bar that formed was up at a swing … [Read More...]

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False Break Pin Bar Setup on Daily Chart…

One of the most powerful trading signals that price action traders can trade with is the false break pin bar reversal. When traded correctly and from the correct … [Read More...]

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Risk Reward Forex Trading

Is Risk Reward Stopping You From Having Forex Success?

Whilst the Forex world is full of people showing traders how to enter trades and the latest gadget or system to find the best entry, when it comes to exiting and managing trades, things become a lot more vague. Whilst entering a trade is important, if trades … [Read More...]

Bullish Pin Bar in trend

Pin Bar on NZDCHF Continues to Play Out on Daily Chart | 9th Apr 14

Recently in this blog I posted about a solid Pin Bar that had formed on the daily chart of the NZDCHF. You can read the original post that was made about that pin bar here: NZDCHF Fires Off False Break Pin Bar Reversal Whilst the pin bar on the NZDCHF was … [Read More...]


Switching on Your Body & Mind – Part 2 | Emotions, Sleeping & the Markets

Special Note: This is part two of a two part article. If you have not yet read part one, please do so here: Switching on Your Body & Mind For Better Forex Trading | Part One   Being Emotionally Fit & Market Not Entertainment The market is … [Read More...]