Forex School – Free Online Beginners Course

Welcome to the Forex School Online’s Beginners Trading Course. This course has been put together by Master Price Action trader Johnathon Fox for the beginner trader who wants to learn how to trade Forex succesfully and with a straight forward online course. Inside the free online beginners Forex course you will be given all the information needed to gain a firm grasp on the basic Forex trading concepts.

This course has been designed to give traders the knowledge they require to to get started in the Forex markets, and set them on a path to becoming confident & successful traders. After successfully completing the Forex School Online Beginners Course you will be ready to take the next step and study the Advanced Price Action Trading Course which is designed for serious traders wanting to take the next step in their trading and start making real trades with a high probability and low risk trading.

All the success,

Forex School Online Team



Forex School Online Beginners Course – Course Outline

What is Forex?

How Forex is Traded

Trading Sessions and Best Times to Trade

Leverage, Margin, Pips and Lots

Brokers (spread, commissions & rollover)

Types of Forex Analysis

Johnathon Fox’s Trading Strategy - Price Action Trading Introduction

Making Forex Trading Plan

Common Forex Trading Traps to Avoid

The Correct New York Close MT4 5 Day Charts For Traders to Trade With

Johnathon Fox’s Professional Trading School